February 21, 2015

Dear Friends, Family, and Aero Students Past and Present,

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Norm Stein passed away on Thursday, February 12th after a valiant battle with cancer.

To the students and parents - We want you all to know how much Mr. Stein enjoyed each and every one of you. The class was something he was excited about, was always making plans for and talking about, and he was always impressed with his students. He admired you all. Even in the hospital, he was talking over class plans and telling the staff what great students he has. He enjoyed telling people he still works and had no plans to retire.

He had been preparing a new session that was to start in a few weeks that included a very large scale model of one of his smaller model airplane designs. He has 20 model kits stacked and ready to go out in the classroom, information written and ready up on the board, and lecture notes all prepared.

You all brought great joy to Mr. Stein and we are happy he was able to share his knowledge with you.

Mr. Stein had completed the components of an online video version of his course and we are investigating the possibility of making it available.

Finally, here are some of Norm’s favorite things that the different classes he taught were able to do. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as he enjoyed teaching them.

Read an Article About Norm Stein here

One of The 2014 Classes Visits the NASA Wind Tunnel

The Primary Glider Summer Session Project

See What Students Did During Our Fall 2012 Session

The Fall 2012 Class Visits Wind Tunnels at NASA

Hear from Mr. Stein about The Fall 2012 Class

Field Trip to the Palo Alto Airport

Hear from Mr. Stein about his 2011 Class

About the Instructor

Retired engineer Norm Stein has often thought how much he would enjoy teaching young students about Aeronautical Engineering by having them study, build, and test run model airplanes they build from scratch. Norm has worked for a number of companies over his long career including Hiller Helicopter (a helicopter he designed hangs in the Hiller Aviation Museum), Lockheed, Bechtel, and Stanford University. He was recently featured in the news when the local paper did an article about him and his Fall 2012 Class and syndicated columnist Mike Cassidy did a feature story on him that appeared on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News about the engine he designed and built in his garage.

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